Charles Allen is a British writer and historian who was born in India in 1940 to British parents. He has published over twenty books that focus largely on India and the Indian subcontinent in general. Allen's 'The Buddha and the Sahibs: the Men who Discovered India's Lost Religion' is the gripping story of a pioneering group of men who in the nineteenth century uncovered much of India's lost and forgotten past while The Buddha and Dr Fuhrer is the definitive description of the Piprahwa excavation itself. His book 'Ashoka: the Search for India's Lost Emperor' was published in 2012.  His most recent work ‘The Prisoner of Kathmandu’ is a biography of Brian Hodgson, the ‘father of Himalayan studies’ and was published by Haus Books in 2015

In 1956 Humphrey Peppé - one of W.C. Peppé's three sons - was visited at Birdpur by Paripurnanand Verma. Verma had been visiting Lumbini, the Buddha's birthplace, and was among a group of pilgrims who stopped off at Birdpur to learn more about the discovery at Piprahwa over fifty years earlier. Humphrey taught the visitors about the background to the find and also informed Verma of Fleet's alternative translation of the inscription and his paper from 1906. Verma subsequently published the following article.

Article from The Pioneer newspaper 18th May 1956

From May 31, 2019 - June 8th 2020 The Piprahwa Jewels remained at the Rubin Museum of Art in New York. ‘Charged With Buddha’s Blessings - Relics From An Ancient Stupa,’ tells the story of W.C.Peppé’s remarkable discovery at Piprahwa in 1898.

Press Release - Charged With Buddha’s Blessings June 2019